June 7th Sermon Notes

Rev. James Wall

Sermon Topic: The Great Commission Scripture: Matthew 28;18-20

There is an urgency to this message. We need to focus on the TRUTH of the Gospel now. Jesus came to earth, shared the message, went to the cross, resurrected and is now with God the Father in heaven.

  1. All AUTHORITY is in Jesus Act.1:8 We can have authority in Jesus Christ.
  2. GO- and make disciples. Wherever we go, we need to deliver this message. We are often called “weak Christians”. That’s ok. Let the world call us fools.
  3. MAKE DISCIPLES – We have this ability in Christ. We are powered by the Holy Spirit. We need to concentrate on learning about Him and the disciple others. As we are baptized, we bury “the old person” in water. We emerge as a new person. God is with us always and as we speak His name, He’ll bless us.