Set forth the divine plan of salvation and

Assist people to become disciples with ability to

Lead others to accept the Lord as Saviour, and to

Encourage spiritual growth through regular Bible study, Prayer, Worship,

               nurture, caring, and church attendance, so we can

Maintain a discipling pattern at home and abroad as Jesus commanded.

Salem Evangelical Missionary Church is in a rural community about 10 km from the village of Eganville. Eganville is a community of about 1400 and is 50 km from the city of Pembroke and the town of Renfrew. It has grocery, hardware, building supply, convenience, and pharmacy stores as well as a library, museum and 3 senior homes along with gift shops and several restaurants. Eganville has one doctor and a dentist. Both public and separate schools are represented in the community. There is a community arena, curling club, and several golf courses nearby. There are six churches in the village: Catholic, two Lutheran, Anglican, United, Baptist, as well as two more Lutheran churches within a half km of Salem. There are many lakes and rivers providing recreational fishing.

The economy is mainly comprised of logging/lumbering, and farming, along with several contracting firms. Many people are retired, on pensions but Eganville is a very active community. Tourism and cottage life as well as several campsites increase the activity in the community in the summer.

Salem was established 133 years ago and has a small, unique building in a very picturesque setting.

We are about 45 minute drive from our church Camp Mishewah. People of all ages can attend there and hear the gospel and become changed.